Strachan Furniture

stratchThe first time I heard of I didn’t know what to expect, but after a few minutes spent on their site I was already thinking that this would be a good place to find what I was looking for a long time, a well priced good quality fitted bedroom.

Of course that my wife had a strong word in what we would choose so I called her up for advice and we found that the website was very easy to use ( I think my grandma would know how to search a fitted bedroom on this website), the only problem beint that we could agree on one model so we order a free! 104 page brochure to help us make up our mind.

After long debates with my wife we have finally settled for a traditional style bedroom, as a compromise between my clean lines choice and her sophisticated ‘castle like’ bedroom wish.

The only thing I have to do now is to try and get my wife off of, cause it’s so easy to find what your looking for that now she spends all day searching for Dressing Rooms, Walk-in Wardrobes and Fitted Lounge Furnitures!