A list of UK wood flooring suppliers.

  • Capital Wood Flooring – http://www.capitalwoodflooring.co.uk/ is a supplier of engineered wood flooring based in London. They make herringbone and chevron style wood floors that are easy to maintain and clean. Also the lifespan of the oak floor they are supplying is spanning over decades. With certified suppliers that support sustainable forestry this company is looking a lot into the future.Capital Wood Flooring deservers a lot of attention due to their great care for the environment and also supplying engineered wood floors made out of oak that last for a lifetime. In addition to the long life span this type of floor is also easy to maintain and clean, making your life easier. They make design wood floors and also herringbone and chevron style engineered wood flooring with products available in solid oak and oak.
  • Havwoods – http://www.havwoods.co.uk/ proud themselves as UK’s leading experts of engineered wood flooring. They have over forty years of experience in providing wood flooring solutions and are now a successful international business. They employ specialists who love their job. They are doing everything to please customers and in this regards they have a special offer where if you are not sure what type of wood or colour you want they will send you samples the same day. This means that you will be able to feel and touch yourself what wood flooring you’ll be installing in your home.
  • Nexus Flooring – http://nexusflooring.co.uk/ provides solid wood flooring with unbeatable passion. One special offer they have is that you’ll get free underlay on all orders above fifteen hundred pounds. That sounds like a good deal and if you are lucky enough to catch a clearance sale of their engineered wood flooring then you’re in for a great deal.
  • Wood 4 Floors – https://www.wood4floors.co.uk/ offers the possibility to but engineered wood flooring at wholesale rates. With many years active in the industry this company understands that pleasing their customers is the key to success. If you want to feel good after having your flooring replaced then get in touch with these guys as they will offer you the best of the best.
  • E7 http://www.element7.co.uk/ is a high class engineered wooden floor manufacturer that has mostly public people and sports stars as their customers. Luxury is the keyword here and high class in every details. The quality is indisputable and the attention to the floor crafting is one of the best in the world.